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Welcome to the official website of the Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society where relevant information about the administration and our operation of HRGDS is found
Top on our mission is to promote actions that will guarantee Good Governance for all at the grassroots and  to create a system of prompt response to victims of Human rights violations through timely intervention, Humanitarian aids, Legal aids, and Human Rights Education HRE
We beseech you to uphold the ideals of human rights Always
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Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society HRGDS is a service-oriented,  apolitical, non-sectarian and membership-based International Civil Society organization that operates with the Human Rights based-approaches in the prosecution of its projects and activities. HRGDS holds a United Nations Global Compact status. The organization is headquartered in Nigeria, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria CAC/IT/No 93367, and over the years has been at the vanguard of defending all human rights for the grassroots including Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR December 10, 1948, African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and other International Conventions and Covenants on Human Rights. HRGDS empower people to know what Human Rights are and often what they are not

We are committed to making sure the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed after the horrors of World War II is brought to reality in Nigeria and Africa at large. We propagate the ideals of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs among policy actors and stakeholders while our major project seeks to achieve a society where human rights are respected as the cornerstone of any democracy


HRGDS Vision

The vision of the Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society is to liberate and unite people in the common cause of defending Human Rights, Promotion of Economic empowerment and Good Governance at all levels

HRGDS Mission

The mission of the Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society HRGDS is the advancement of Human Rights, Good Governance and Economic empowerment for all through Human Rights-based approaches

HRGDS Core Focus

· Human Rights Education and Protection

· Democracy and Good Governance

· Grassroots Development and Economic Empowerment

· Peace and Conflict Resolutions

· Alternative Dispute Resolutions ADR

· Anti-Corruption

· Gender and Youth

· Research and Policy Advocacy

· Legal Aid

· Media and Publications