Funding/Source of Income

We are committed to transparency and accountability in all aspects of our operations, including our financial management. Our funding comes from diverse sources, each playing a crucial role in supporting our programs, initiatives, and advocacy efforts.


HRGDS sustains its operations through donations sourced from various entities, including governments, private foundations, international organizations, and businesses. However, funding is accepted only from those demonstrating a steadfast dedication to promoting respect for human rights and sustainable development.

HRGDS holds charitable status in Nigeria. Additionally, it serves as the instigator of several other initiatives tackling distinct corporate responsibility issues. For further insight into our objectives and endeavors, please visit our website.

Funding Enquiries

For all inquiries regarding funding and expressions of interest in backing IHRB’s initiatives, please direct correspondence to:

Grants & Donations

We rely on grants from foundations, governments, and other funding bodies, as well as individual donations from supporters who share our passion for human rights. These contributions enable us to implement projects, conduct research, and engage in advocacy campaigns aimed at promoting and protecting human rights.

Corporate Partnerships

We collaborate with corporations that are committed to corporate social responsibility and align with our mission and values. Through corporate partnerships, we secure financial support, in-kind donations, and expertise that enhance our capacity to address human rights challenges effectively.

Why People Turn to HRGDS

Ever wondered why individuals and communities turn to
the Human Rights & Grassroots Development Society (HRGDS)?

Get Involved

We rely on generous contributions from individuals like you to fund our initiatives and drive positive change in communities around the world. Your donation plays a crucial role in advancing our work, enabling us to provide legal assistance, Amplify voices, Empower communities & Foster Collaboration.






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