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Harnessing the combined strength of our community, Human Rights Grassroot Development Society as the foremost advocate for human rights globally. Embrace the cause today to demonstrate your dedication to human rights and uphold our impactful movement!

Membership Benefits

As a member, you wield direct influence over the policy directions of Human rights & grassroots development society and contribute to shaping our campaign focuses. Together, let’s construct the vision of the world we aspire to, advancing human rights victories step by step!

Your annual membership support comes with these special benefits:

  1. Basic Training
  2. Membeship Documents
  3. Membership Card
  4. Members breifing
  5. Discounted rate for events

To become a member, simply make a donation of $25 or more.
If you are a student, senior, or have limited income, join at a discounted rate of $15.


Your yearly membership has lapsed, renewing online is breeze.

For any inquiries regarding your membership status, don’t hesitate to contact us at

How do you want to GET INVOLVED?


“Empower Change: Volunteer Opportunities for Human Rights Advocacy” invites individuals to become catalysts for positive transformation by engaging in meaningful volunteer work. Through various initiatives, volunteers contribute to advancing human rights causes globally, whether it’s advocating for marginalized communities, promoting equality and justice, or raising awareness about pressing human rights issues.

Connect & Learn

“Connect & Learn” emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between networking and education. It embodies the idea that connections facilitate learning and vice versa. Through networking, individuals gain access to diverse perspectives, knowledge, and opportunities, enriching their learning experiences. Concurrently, learning enhances one’s ability to connect by fostering understanding and communication skills. This concept promotes continuous growth through the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and mentorship within communities. Embracing Connect & Learn fosters personal and professional development, encouraging individuals to actively engage with others to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Privacy Policy

By becoming a member, you are not just joining a group; you are becoming part of a community dedicated to upholding human rights principles in every aspect of our work. We advocate for equality, justice, and inclusivity, striving to create a world where everyone’s rights are protected and upheld.

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