Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society HRGDS is the advancement of Human Rights, Good Governance and Economic empowerment for all at the grassroots through Human Rights-based approaches.

Empowering Communities

Strengthening Accountability

Creating Opportunities

What we’ve done

Here’s an outline of the achievements human rights & grass roots development organization based on the mission statement above:

  1. Human Rights Advocacy Achievements:
    • Successfully advocated for the adoption and implementation of human rights-based policies and laws at the national and regional levels.
    • Conducted awareness-raising campaigns, workshops, and training sessions to educate communities about their rights and empower them to advocate for themselves.
    • Provided legal aid and representation to victims of human rights violations, ensuring access to justice and accountability for perpetrators.
  2. Good Governance Promotion Achievements:
    • Monitored government activities and held officials accountable for their actions through advocacy, public campaigns, and engagement with oversight mechanisms.
    • Facilitated dialogue between citizens and government authorities to strengthen transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in governance processes.
    • Conducted research and published reports on governance issues, highlighting areas for improvement and advocating for policy reforms to enhance governance practices.
  3. Economic Empowerment Initiatives Achievements:
    • Implemented economic empowerment programs targeting marginalized and vulnerable communities, including skills training, entrepreneurship development, and access to microfinance.
    • Advocated for inclusive economic policies that prioritize the needs of grassroots communities, promote equitable distribution of resources, and address socio-economic inequalities.
    • Collaborated with local partners and stakeholders to create sustainable livelihood opportunities, improve access to basic services, and enhance socio-economic well-being at the grassroots level.






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